Wide Angle Lenses

Written by James Lyons
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Wide angle lenses are designed to broaden the angle of view for the person filming or taking the picture. Cameras have limitations, but there are accessories that circumvent these limitations. Wide angles lenses allow photographers and filmmakers to capture more of the action. They allow people to get the bigger picture, so to speak. It's a smart investment for those interested in photography or cinematography.

A wide angle lens is a serious purchase. The good ones don't come cheap but they do add versatility to your equipment. Purchasing a wide angle lens is like making a declaration about your art--you are now ready to take the next step and take this thing more seriously. I suggest shopping around and talking to some professional photographers or cinematographers before you purchase a wide angle lens.

Research Wide Angle Lenses

Raynox makes an excellent video wide angle lens and Cannon is well-known for making excellent ones for normal cameras. Many photographers are partial to the expansive, 74 degree wide angle view allowed by a 24mm Cannon wide angle lens. The nine additional degrees of viewing angle that it provides over the 28mm are instantly apparent when faced with a close shooting situation. This lens is bright, light and particularly useful for capturing sweeping landscapes or tight interior settings; the 24mm is great for those who travel.

The bottom line is that you need to do your research. Talk to photographers and talk to other professionals. There are online forums where you can introduce yourself to avid photographers and ask them questions about equipment. There are also places like the American Society of Media Photographers where you can network and find out more about the latest and greatest innovations in photography and videography.

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