Aluminum Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Despite all the various kinds of plastics currently available, aluminum cases are still extremely popular. Lightweight, durable and attractive, aluminum is used for everything from toolboxes to cosmetic cases, from shipping crates to presentation folders. Cameras, computers, musical instruments and equipment and video/sound/lighting equipment are all especially well served by aluminum cases.

Aluminum Cases for Rugged Applications

Military, medical and scientific organizations make particular use of aluminum cases. Rigid aluminum cases are generally more impact-resistant than plastic, which can shatter, especially at low temperatures. In fact, aluminum can withstand all temperature extremes better than plastic. Metal cases can be more easily sterilized, and can withstand autoclaving. Aluminum is less likely to transmit gasses, and offers protection against EMI/RFI emissions, whereas plastic has to be specially coated with a metallic shielding substance.

If you're not heading up a geological expedition to the Himalayas or doing research in the Amazon basin, you might want one of the high-style aluminum briefcases, computer cases or attaches being produced. Aluminum lends itself well to slim, sleek styling. A brushed or shiny finish lends your personal carrier a high-tech look. I deeply covet an aluminum briefcase I saw online that was clad in burled rosewood and lined in black leather, even though the only thing I usually carry is my lunch.

There are a number of manufacturers who make only aluminum cases, and others who do both aluminum and plastic, even fabric. But if you're looking for a case for your laptop that is high style and high tech, or shipping a plasma monitor that needs to be protected from high impact, aluminum is an excellent choice. Both sleek and strong, aluminum works well in both worlds.

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