Aluminum Computer Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Aluminum computer cases provide both sleek styling and rugged, lightweight strength. Whether you're looking for a classy attache for your laptop or a burly shipping crate for fifty servers, aluminum computer cases offer superior protection for a reasonable price. Soft-sided cases don't offer much protection against shock, and hard plastics can shatter, especially in low temperatures.

Aluminum Computer Cases for Personal Use

Let's face it, aluminum briefcases and laptop carriers used to look bulky, drab and, well, nerdy. Not any more! With slim designs, a variety of finishes and even anodized colors, aluminum computer cases have taken their place in the world of high style, as well as offering excellent protection for your equipment. Personal computer cases are available in either attache or carry-on styles.

If you do a lot of traveling with your computer, aluminum cases can withstand the wear and tear. We've all seen how gently luggage handlers toss our stuff onto the carousel. With an aluminum case, you don't need to worry about the corner of someone's suitcase coming down hard on your laptop.

Many computer cases now come with a single or double strap suspension system in addition to the standard foam padding. If you're looking for a wheeled carry-on type of case, be sure that it is ATA approved. Also, take it for a test drive to be certain the wheels are well placed, with a wide stance to avoid tipping. Also check to be certain the handle extends comfortably for your height and that the handle is sturdy and well padded.

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