Aluminum Gun Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Aluminum gun cases are rugged, light in weight and offer optimal security for your weapons. A gun case needs to offer protection both for the gun and from the gun. Several new styles do an excellent job of that, and look good doing it. There's simply no excuse for carrying it in a violin case any more when there are so many handsome, ATA-approved cases on the market!

New Designs in Aluminum Gun Cases

There have been some really admirable innovations in the design of aluminum gun cases. One such development is the two-sided case. Cases designed to hold two guns, whether handguns or long guns, used to be simply large enough to accommodate the weapons side by side.

A newer design, however, has two separate compartments that open out from a center divider. Having each gun in its own compartment eliminates the possibility that they will impinge on each other. Many of these cases also have multiple locks for safety. One double rifle case, for instance, allows the user to lock each side separately with both a combination lock and a latch lock.

Aluminum gun cases have always provided excellent strength and durability. These days, they have also become sleeker, less bulky and more discreet. Many pistol cases are now indistinguishable from a briefcase or attache. If nothing else, this helps prevent you getting the stinkeye when carrying your luggage into an airport!

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