Axim Pharos Gps

Written by Robert Mac
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The Axim Pharos GPS (Global Positioning System) is a winning combination of hardware and software that keep you from getting lost--as long as you keep the GPS safe. Pharos makes advanced GPS navigation equipment for Windows-based devices, like the Dell Axim Pocket PC. Combining this technology in a Axim Pharos GPS helps travelers or explorers find their destination.

Keeping Your Axim Pharos GPS Safe

A Pocket PC or Palm device is very delicate . . . and replacing one can be a painstaking process if it contains important data. Attach a navigator, camera, or other accessory, and you've got two precious gadgets to protect. And when it's an Axim Pharos GPS--possibly with your meeting location and driving directions on it--you'll want to keep it as safe as possible. A lot depends on those contraptions.

Getting a waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof case for your equipment isn't just going to save your equipment and give you some piece of mind--it's going to save you the trouble and headache of replacing that gear. You should never expect the worse, but you should plan for it. I've spilled coffee on a PDA and dropped another one out of an unzipped backpack. You can't predict when things like that will happen, but you know they will.

Now that electronics are mass-produced at such a great rate, you can easily replace the hardware for a couple hundred bucks, but what about all the data? What about the time that went into gathering, sorting, and writing all the data? Don't live with that risk hanging over your GPS. Get some protection, and you won't have to worry about spilling a coffee--or missing that meeting--ever again.

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