Broadcast Video Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Broadcast video cases come in an astounding array of shapes, sizes, styles and materials to help you transport everything you need for a shoot. The primary purpose of these cases, of course, is protection for your fragile, expensive equipment. Broadcast video cases also help you organize your components for fast set-up and tear-down, which is essential in the fast-paced broadcast milieu.

Broadcast Video Cases for All Your Components

The sheer amount of stuff you have to take on a video shoot is nothing short of stupefying. Photographers pretty much travel like pack mules, but a broadcast video team has to handle both photography and sound. And each and every component has to be both fully protected and readily available. To help with this problem, manufacturers offer dedicated cases for LCD projectors, cameras and camcorders, monitors, editing consoles and editing decks, audio mixers, lighting, VCRs and DVDs.

There are also broadcast video cases to organize the smaller components. Microphones, lenses, test instruments, tripods, video tapes, CDs and DVDs can be packaged singly or in groups. For example, you might want a lens case that will safely carry twelve lenses and keep them organized and easily at hand.

Components can be transported in rack units or configurations otherwise designed to operate from within the case. A broadcast video team has to be quick on its feet. A careful selection of cases and organizers can help you to always hit your mark.

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