Carry Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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No matter what it is you need to schlep, there are carry cases out there to make it easier. You might want a leather protector for your cell phone or PDA. You might need to lug around a flugelhorn. Or perhaps you want to show your customers your newly designed camp-stove-plus-taxidermy-kit. You'll need a custom case for that.

Carry Cases to Meet Every Need

Let's just talk about cell phones to start. Do you want a horizontal case or a vertical case? Leather, nylon, gel or fabric? Would you like high fashion or rugged durability? Will you be carrying it on your belt, in your purse, in a briefcase, in a pocket? Will you be using it mostly in your car? What attachments and accessories will you want to carry? Do you want to spend ten dollars or two hundred dollars?

As our technological world has expanded, the world of carry cases and other accessories has more than kept up. We're more on the go than we used to be, and we're taking more stuff with us. Your phone used to sit on a table in the hall or hang on the kitchen wall; you didn't have to think about how you'd carry it. Now you do.

Manufacturers of carry cases are meeting this demand. Whether you want to carry a set of tools, a sewing machine, a Fender guitar or a computer, you can find a product that will provide protection and style. Who said you can't take it with you?

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