Cigar Aficionado

Written by Robert Mac
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Cigar aficionados, like any diehard fans, are very particular when it comes to the object of their affection. While each one may have their own favorite brands, they will all agree that a cigar that's not in smoking condition isn't worth smoking. It's like wine drinkers: they'll never sip the stuff from paper cups. It's just a no-no.

Get Your Cigar Aficionado Something They'll Use

If you don't know your cigar aficionado's favorite brand or type of cigar, get them the next best thing: a cigar travel case. It'll last a lot longer than their cigars will, and they'll think of you (in theory) every time they use it. More importantly, it'll keep their true loved ones, their babies, safe when they take them on the road.

A cigar aficionado without a travel case is a sad thing indeed. Either they have to live within driving distance of their desktop humidor, or they travel without getting to bring their favorite cigars with them. What kind of life is that? Not a pretty one, especially for the aficionado. Solution: hard travel cases that keep cigars protected, fresh, and moist.

Some travel cases are waterproof to 100 feet: I'm not sure what situations cigar fans are putting themselves in that they'd risk their lives (and their cigars' lives) with 100 feet of water, but they don't have to worry about that anymore. And since these cases are crushproof, too, their smokes will be safe for a long time. If they can go that long without smoking them, that is.

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