Cigar Humidors

Written by Robert Mac
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Cigar humidors are like wine cellars; if you're going to spend money on getting the goods, you might as well get the right appliance to keep them in their preferred condition. Cigars need to be kept at a specific humidity or they dry out and ruin the whole experience. That's no big deal if it's a five-cent cigar, but if you're planning on smoking a Macanudo Gold Label, you're going to be upset if it flakes off in your hands.

Cigar Humidors Show Class

A humidor on a desk or dresser shows a little bit of old-world class and elegance that is vanishing from our culture. But for fans of a fine cigar--and there are still plenty, even after the trend of a few years ago has faded a bit--a humidor isn't just a nice furnishing. It's a must.

Travel cigar humidors are likewise a must when you travel. Putting a few stogies in a pocket doesn't protect them . . . and your shirt will smell like an ashtray. Individual cases (like the ones that cigars are sometimes sold in) are convenient, but only for one. Plus, they aren't crushproof and probably aren't waterproof, either.

Varying sized travel cigar humidors let you take from two Churchills to 18 Presidentes with you to the golf course or poolside. They are waterproof (up to 100 feet), crushproof, and they even float if something should happen on the yacht. Keep your cigars moist and fresh for months, so the guys at the poker party can sample your fine smokes.

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