Cigar Travel Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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Cigar travel cases keep your cigars--and your spirits--from getting crushed by clumsy bag handlers. Cigar aficionados love their cigars and will do everything in their power to keep them in perfect smoking condition. Cigar travel cases are a must while traveling . . . or your dreams of smoking a fine cigar when you arrive will go up in smoke.

The only time I've traveled with cigars was coming back from England. A co-traveler wanted to bring home some illegal Cuban cigars, and wrapped them in some dirty laundry. They panicked, got caught, and had to surrender them. The point of the story is that the cigars were pretty much mangled at that point, and made their clothes smell like, well, an ashtray.

Do it Right with Cigar Travel Cases

When you travel with legal cigars, do it right: small, airtight, crushproof cigar travel cases protect your smokes. Don't worry about baggage falling on them or your mouthwash leaking through their wrappers. If you are the type to travel with your cigars, go all the way and have the proper gear. Portable cigar cases keep your smokes fresh and moist for months.

Where would you go with cigars? Where wouldn't you go? Golfing, boating, bachelor parties, or just a quick trip to Vegas are all great times to bring a few stogies along. And with different sized travel cases, you can bring a cigar for the groom and best man or for the whole hunting expedition. Nobody likes dried out, flaking cigars--or the guy who brings them--so pack wisely.

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