Dell Axim

Written by Robert Mac
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The Dell Axim handheld computer is a powerful device with wireless technologies that makes yesterday's PDAs almost obsolete. Fast, dynamic, compatible, and with beautiful high-resolution monitors, these gizmos do it all. If you get a Dell Axim, make sure you protect it with something just as practical and classy.

The New Dell Axim X50

The latest handheld from Dell is the Axim X50. Actually, there are two models (the X50 and the X50v) with three different processors: 416, 520, and the blazing 624MHz. Don't ask what these can do--a quicker answer comes from asking what they don't do. You can get WiFi technology for wirelessly logging on and checking email or browsing the web--all in the palm of your hand.

The Dell Axim X50v has a large (3.7 inch) display with a 640x480 resolution. You can watch cartoons or full-length movies with DVD quality playback ability, play intense 3-D games, or just listen to your favorite tunes. With improved Intel processors, battery life is extended, so you can work (or entertain yourself) for longer than before.

Just don't put it in your back pocket! The high-end version of the Axim is in the $500 dollar ballpark; a little too high to be tossing it around like a paper notebook. To save your investment, throw down a few more dollars for a PDA case. If the Axim is your all-powerful knight who comes to the rescue, then a waterproof, crushproof electronics case is its shining armor.

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