Document Storage Box

Written by Robert Mac
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Document storage boxes are more important now than ever, especially since you can have thousands of documents saved on a single CD. While a drybag sounds good in theory, the tiniest pinprick can make them go from waterproof to waterfall. A crushproof and waterproof document storage box will stay that way, keeping your documents protected and calming your fears.

A Document Storage Box for Anything

With the variety of sizes of document storage boxes, you can get one for small documents--your passport and a cell phone, for instance--or larger documents, like important files and video cameras. There's a heavy-duty protective box for whatever you want, or need, to keep safe.

Some rugged storage boxes are not only waterproof and crushproof, but they float, too. If you are out working in the field or playing on a raging river, they'll keep your valuables safe. Small boxes for car keys, credit cards, and pagers fit inside your pocket. The large boxes can fit laptops, video equipment and just about any size paper documents that you want to stop worrying about.

Larger strong boxes also double as toolboxes or first aid kits--since they come in a variety of bright colors, they are easy to spot in a hurry. Or they can be used as storage containers for any of the following: jewelry, wallets, MP3 players, digital cameras, mini-disk players, PDAs, GPS units, Gameboys, ammunition, camera lenses. If you got it, love it, and want to protect it, get a storage box that will keep it safe.

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