Flight Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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The term "flight cases" might cause some confusion, because it refers to two different types of products. One type of flight case is very specific: a small rectangular bag, approximately 14" x 8" x18", that opens at the top. This is basically a pilot's briefcase, used to hold his flight charts and paperwork.

The other meaning of flight cases is much more general. The term is used, primarily in the United Kingdom, to refer to any shipping or carrying case that will meet airline regulations. It is most often used to refer to cases for musical instruments and audio or lighting equipment, but also sometimes refers to cases for computers and other electronic devices.

Custom Flight Cases

As with most kinds of shipping and carrying cases, flight cases can be bought either in standard forms or customized. But it seems that in the UK, and especially among musicians, "bespoke" is far preferred to "off the rack." Web sites seem to pride themselves on their responses to interesting requests. "From rock and roll to Rolls Royce," one site trumpets, while another posts pictures of their mobile bar, a case for a 10-meter projection screen, and a presentation case for wine.

Whichever kind of flight case you're looking for, you'll find the Internet an indispensable tool. And not only do we use our computers to shop for flight cases, but the manufacturers use them to generate the customized designs. Whether you want a flight case for you ten-foot tall abstract interpretation of the Venus de Milo or for your PDA, you can find it on the Net.

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