Fly Boxes

Written by Robert Mac
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Fly boxes hold all your fishing flies and lures, but shouldn't hold anything else. That's why the best fly boxes are airtight: they keep salt water and algae from tainting your fishing flies. Plus, they are nearly indestructible--if a 22-pound catfish that you've landed falls on top of one, it won't shatter.

There are a lot of ways to sort and store your flies--hooking them into your hat has become a cliche, though--but if you want to keep them safe and dry while you're on the water and when you store them, look for a box that's guaranteed to be watertight. A watertight seal will them keep them dry and mold-free in the off-season and ready to use when it's time to fish. Plus, a waterproof fly box floats.

Fly Boxes that Float Rock the Boat

Reeling in the one that got away has caused many a boat to sway and spill valuable cargo, especially your fishing gear. Not to worry, though: watertight fly boxes float, so if there is a spill, you can easily pluck it from the water. If, for some reason, they get pulled under, you still don't need to worry: the good ones remain waterproof to depths of more than 100 feet.

If you are in need of durable tackle boxes, check for a neoprene o-ring: that's what makes the seal work. A lifetime guarantee is another thing to keep your eyes open for; you can always trust a product that has one. If the fly box you're looking at doesn't have one, go fish.

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