Gun Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are several factors to be taken into account when selecting gun cases. The primary consideration, of course, is security. In addition, you'll need to protect your weapons from shock, moisture and corrosion. You'll also want to choose a gun case that is convenient to transport and allows easy access.

Gun Cases for Handguns

There are a wide variety of gun cases for handguns of various sizes, ranging from a small, closely shaped "pistol pocket" to a case designed for range shooting, which can hold several handguns, a gun rest, a target stand and a target backer, with room left over for accessories. With these small cases, a double handle is worth looking for, as it prevents the case accidentally opening.

Gun cases for rifles and shotguns range from slim, shaped canvas or nylon bags to large hard-shell cases which hold several weapons and accessories. Some special features to look for are double locks for safety, "dry boxes" or floating cases sealed with a neoprene gasket for duck hunting or other wet environments, and closed-cell foam. Closed-cell foam is preferable because it doesn't wick away the gun oil as open-cell foam will do.

If you are traveling on commercial transport, especially by airplane, you will need a case that meets all restrictions and requirements. Be sure your case is labeled ATA compliant, to ensure that it meets the regulations and specifications of the Air Transportation Association. And finally, some gun owners are collectors rather than hunters; they might prefer a case that combines protection and display, such as a leather or wooden case with an attractive fabric over the foam.

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