Written by Robert Mac
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Humidors are the perfect accessory for the cigar aficionado: beautiful, practical, and all about the cigar. It makes sense to protect cigars--they can dry out easily and nobody wants to hand out bad cigars during a good poker match. Keeping them fresh and moist is a must for the cigar fan; otherwise, they aren't even worth lighting.

Sometimes a Humidor Is Just a Cigar Box

It would be too easy (but very rewarding) to mock cigar lovers about their devotion to the hobby. But you could say the same thing about any devoted fans: chefs have to have only the finest ingredients and bicyclists swear by a certain brand of equipment, just to name a few. The deeper the aficionados get into the cigar culture, the more cigars they'll have--and the more likely they are to have a humidor.

But what about those road trips? Or those extra-long golf matches that start at 9 holes but end up being 36? They don't cart around an air-tight cigar box under their 9-irons--or do they? Luckily, there are many travel cigar cases that not only keep the goods good, but let you keep the bulky humidor at home.

And they come in all kinds of sizes. If you only need two smokes for a romantic getaway, or a handful for the guys at the reunion, you can open up the waterproof (up to 100 feet!) and crushproof cigar case and show off your stuff. And if they notice the beautiful and heavy duty carrying case instead of the smokes, they probably aren't true cigar fans anyway.

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