Laptop Carry Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Laptop computers are everywhere these days, and laptop carry cases are essential. And it's not just the financial investment in the hardware you're protecting, either. If you're like me, your whole life is in your laptop! It's your wallet, your address book, your correspondence, your business contacts, your photo album, your recipe collection and your office, all in one little notebook-sized machine. Take good care of it.

A Wide Variety of Laptop Carry Cases Available

Laptop carry cases can range from a simple padded tote bag to a backpack or briefcase to an entire office on wheels. With the wide variety of products available, it's worth doing some shopping around. What do you need in terms of protection, style and portability?

Most people simply carry their laptops from home to office or when they travel. For these purposes, a standard leather or fabric padded briefcase or backpack will provide sufficient protection. Style and convenience may be deciding factors. If you're taking your laptop to a coffeehouse to work on your Great American Novel, you probably don't need to take much else with you. But if you take your laptop on business travel, you might want to choose one that will double as an overnight bag.

Some computers live a much tougher life. For these, there are laptop carry cases made of aluminum or other alloys. They might be waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and resistant to corrosion. Some have a valve to compensate for changes in atmospheric pressure. Of course, you could always carry one of these to the coffee shop--especially if your novel's hero has something in common with Bond...James Bond.

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