Laptop Case On Wheels

Written by Sarah Provost
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A laptop case on wheels is almost a necessity for the frequent business traveler. It's also mighty handy for those who commute to work and take their laptop with them. Even students have so much to carry these days that many used a wheeled case for their laptop and books.

The most important thing to consider when buying a laptop case on wheels is the amount of protection it affords your valuable computer. Some cases, especially those with a hard shell, seem to think a little padding is enough. But the best cases use a single or even double suspension system to cradle your laptop and keep it safe from shocks and excessive vibration. Also check to be sure there is padding on all sides, for when you set the case down.

Laptop Case on Wheels with Luggage Space

Your laptop case on wheels can also double as a mobile office and a carryon suitcase. The roomiest design I've seen is basically a full carry-on bag with a laptop section on the front, like a kangaroo pocket. Inside, there are removable dividers and even a printer compartment, if you want to use the case as a mobile office. Or take the dividers and compartments out and use the space as luggage.

Detachable wheels are also a good idea. In a crowded subway, for instance, you might not have room to pull your case behind you. Or you might simply prefer the sleeker look when going to meetings, but want the wheels to navigate the airport. Inline wheels, like those on roller blades, provide the best stability and smoothest rolling over rough surfaces.

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