Military Storage Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Military storage cases are manufactured by several of the leading packaging companies to comply with strict Department of Defense specifications. These cases must be able to withstand hard, even abusive use in a variety of hostile environments. Since it is impossible to predict what kind of environment these case might be deployed in, they are designed to function in any situation.

Military storage cases might find themselves in the punishing subzero temperatures of a research station in Antarctica, or in the blazing heat of a desert in midsummer, so a wide range of temperature tolerance is required. They might be used in the rice paddies of Vietnam or the dust of the Middle East, so they are dust proof and moisture proof. Some boneheaded PFC might drop one when unloading a truck, of that truck might be shaken by a mortar explosion, so they have to be shock proof and vibration proof as well.

Military Storage Cases for Delicate Instruments

Military storage cases might hold anything from bulldozer blades to electron microscopes. Today's military makes full use of the technology available, with a huge outlay of cash for computers, communications utilities and other instruments. The bulldozer blade won't mind being shaken up a little, but delicate instrumentation must be protected from dust, vibration, static electricity, moisture, magnetic fields and a host of other dangers.

Cases manufactured to the extremely detailed specifications of the Department of Defense must also undergo a battery of tests. These tests assure that the cases offer the ultimate in protection. About the only thing you don't get when you purchase a military storage case is a wide range of color. Pink, lavender and baby blue are mighty hard to come by!

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