Mp3 Accessories

Written by Robert Mac
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MP3 accessories don't just accessorize your digital music players, but let you get more use out of them. There is a wide range of adaptors, battery packs, headphones, and headsets to choose from, giving you more control over how you listen to your favorite tunes. And choice and control are what it's all about, right?

Now Hear This: Which MP3 Accessories Should I Get?

When you ask any music lover what the most important accessory is, he'll probably say, "What? Hold on a minute," and then take off his headphones. The sound on MP3 varies, but not as much as headphones do, particularly in the high-end range. Noise-canceling headsets make others obsolete, but some people are content with the cheaper ones that come standard with their players.

After headphones, there are plenty of other MP3 accessories to consider. Remote controls, jogging kits, FM transmitters, car adaptors, docking stations, carrying cases, and rechargeable batteries are some of the optional add-ons you can get for your MP3 player. Each one lets you do something faster, easier, or better than if you didn't use it.

A protective case is probably the most overlooked of the MP3 accessories. Flash memory upgrades are cool, too, but won't matter in the long run if your neighbor's dog accidentally swats your player to the ground. Start with the player and get it protected with a crushproof, dustproof, and waterproof case before you collect the other bells and whistles.

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