Musical Instrument Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Musical instrument cases may seem to be a secondary consideration, but they are crucial tools when it comes to protecting the investment you've made in a fine instrument. Whether you're transporting a flute or a flugelhorn, an electric guitar or a mandolin, the proper case will extend the life of your instrument. Worry-free transport depends on several factors, such as the shell, the padding, the lining, etc. Comfort and convenience are also important considerations.

Musical Instrument Cases: Guitars

Guitars are by far the most popular instrument, and a huge variety of guitar cases are available. While soft-sided "gig bags" are economical and lightweight, they don't provide much protection for your instrument. A hard-shell case is highly recommended, despite the additional weight and expense. After all. Your guitar is a friend who travels with you everywhere you go, isn't it?

Choose your case by body type or select a case specifically made for your brand of guitar. Additional features to consider are locks, inner compartments, the quality of the lining, the depth of padding, and the durability of the shell. Many sites which sell musical instrument cases provide consumer ratings, which are an invaluable guide for selection.

The same criteria apply when selection other types of musical instrument cases. Handles should be placed to balance the instrument's weight. For larger instruments, such as sousaphones or drum kits, you should also look for good-quality casters to make transportation easier. If you travel a lot, be sure your case meets airline regulations. A musician's life is a rough one, but make it as easy on your instrument as you can!

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