Outdoor Equipment

Written by Robert Mac
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Outdoor equipment has its place--outdoors--unless it's very important equipment, in which case it goes somewhere a little bit more secure. Anyone who camps or hikes knows the importance of keeping your outdoor equipment safe and dry, especially your camping gear, and even more especially when it's raining. I've gone head to head with rainstorms in Yosemite, and lost big time.

While most outdoor equipment is designed to take on Mother Nature--rainproof tents and clothes, for instance--not everything is. Newer electronic gear, such as GPS receivers, and photography equipment still need to be protected like heirlooms. Socks will dry out eventually, but once your satellite receiver shorts out, you're stuck.

Protecting Your Outdoor Equipment and Your Wallet

There are many companies producing inexpensive protective cases for outdoor gear and all sorts of other equipment. With a variety of sizes, you can get waterproof and dustproof cases for smaller items like pagers and wallets, or larger totes for laptop computers or video equipment. And, or course, everything in between.

Many of these ultra-durable cases even float, making them ideal for white water rafting trips . . . or rained out trips to Yosemite. Had I known then what I know now, I would have got a larger case for my sleeping gear and a smaller one for my electronics. It's easy to look back at failed experience and see what you did wrong; it's another thing to learn from it. I learned some protective plastic is all you need to keep some valuables protected.

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