Pda Accessories

Written by Robert Mac
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PDA accessories turn your Personal Digital Assistants into even more personalized gear. Start with the fine leather cases: these form-fitting skins add a touch of elegance to your gadget, and let you carry ID and credit cards, too. Plus, you can access all your ports so you can add additional PDA accessories and still stay in synch with your computer.

One of the most useful PDA accessories is the keyboard. I'll admit it: I'm a technophile myself. I have a Palm Vx and the foldable keyboard; it lets me work just about anywhere, although they say it's designed for professionals and students--and I don't think I'm either. It's easier to enter lots of data with a keyboard than scribbling it using the regular stylus.

Power up with the Right PDA Accessories

Some of the most popular accessories for PDAs are the powerful ones: battery packs, rechargers, car chargers, and the like. I won't get a new gadget unless it has rechargeable batteries built into it. I spent countless dollars on double-A and triple-A batteries before I saw the light. Most devices now run on batteries designed for longer life, but they still all go kaput at some point.

One PDA accessory that people forget about is probably the most important: a protective case. Those leather ones look great but won't do much if your PDA falls out of your briefcase or backpack. A waterproof, crushproof PDA case offers something those other things can't: piece of mind.

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