Pda Carrying Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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PDA carrying cases let you lug around your Palm Pilot, toss it in your briefcase or duffle bag, and not worry about it. PDAs are delicate creatures, especially the newer ones with high-end screens. I would know: I slung on a backpack without zipping up a pocket and my PDA crashed on the ground.

My PDA was hurt so badly that I cried; I lost it and all the data that was entered into it. Ever since, I've been extra careful with all my gadgets and I've checked out all the PDA carrying cases. Some are like a second skin, with a few tight pockets that will only carry a credit card or two; the heavy duty ones inspire a lot more confidence.

The Most Durable PDA Carrying Cases

The neoprene PDA cases are nice for briefcases and the desk, but for real world applications, plastic cases are more practical. And not just regular plastic--waterproof cases protect your PDA (and all its data) from the elements. My friend Mary bent over to get the garbage in her bathroom, and her PDA slipped out of her pocket and landed--you guessed it--in the toilet.

Waterproof and crushproof PDA carrying cases are the only way to go--Mary is still kicking herself to this day. As they say, hindsight is 20-20; if we could only go back in time and save our PDAs from those momentary klutzy episodes. It's not too late for you, though: save your gear and save your rear.

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