Pda Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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PDA cases are a slight investment that keeps a more expensive investment--your PDA--protected. More importantly, it keeps the data in your PDA safe. For some people, PDA cases are actually protecting years and years of names, contact numbers, and valuable research information.

Why Using PDA Cases Makes Sense

I have a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), and over the years I've tried a number of PDA cases. I wasn't taking preventative steps, though; I was locking the barn door after the horses ran out. I made the mistake of not checking if the pocket of a backpack--the one with my handheld--was zipped, and when I put the backpack on, the PDA decided to go elsewhere--the garbage.

I was very lucky in that my unit was still under warranty, so it was replaced. But none of the data that I entered was. I had to reenter as much of the information that I lost that I could remember; a lot of it was lost for good. Well, not for good, but forever.

The Rising Use of Handhelds

I made my boneheaded mistake a number of years ago, and since then PDAs have increased tremendously in popularity. For one thing, they are even easier to use and view, then when they first came out. Secondly, they are faster and much more powerful. With the right peripherals, you can do almost as much on a handheld as you can on a desktop.

While other electronics have gone down in price over the years, the prices of PDAs have remained roughly the same. Each time they start to drop, new technologies are added to them to bring the price back up. First it was color screens, then new software packages, then audio and video capabilities. Now you can add satellite receivers, cameras, and MP3 players to your handheld.

PDA Cases Protect Your Investments

Cell phones are an example of a product that sellers don't want to have a long shelf-life; they are built to last for two or three years. By then, you'll want a new one anyway, and the makers will gladly sell you another. But PDAs are much more expensive, so you should check out the PDA cases and make sure you don't have to replace your unit so often.

Since handhelds are much more efficient than laptops at tracking and sorting data in field operations--warehouses, maintenance yards, water treatment plants, you name it--they've become quite popular out of the office. And so have PDA cases. If you are always working near machinery or the natural elements, it makes sense to care for your tools, and that all-important data that they contain.

There are a number of PDA cases available today that are not only waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof, but will fit your handheld to a T. You can insert your PDA into the protective armor-like case and still access all the functions--including the ports and jacks--without jeopardizing the safety of your handheld. You can spill coffee on it, drop it from a forklift, or watch it fall into a dusty ravine, and your data--plus your job--will still be intact.

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