Pda Hard Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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PDA hard cases are like your skull: they protect all the valuable, yet soft, data on the inside. Your skull comes standard, though; you have to shop for PDA hard cases because they are optional accessories. As far as accessories go, it's a smart one to get. It will save both your device and all your data.

Choosing PDA Hard Cases

Everyone is making accessories for each of the many PDAs that are on the market. Keep this in mind: the spongy neoprene cases are soft to the touch--and will be soft when your PDA falls off your desk. Those metal ones are much more durable, but many aren't waterproof, and some aren't even crushproof.

For hobbyists or people who only use their PDAs in safe environments--school or the office--sometimes a soft case is all you need; just make sure you are very careful. As PDAs become more functional, they are used more and more in field operations--from hospital rooms to the back 40. Exposure to a variety of conditions and situations only increases the odds that something--anything--will happen to your data.

Here's but a single example of how PDAs are more common than ever: my brother used one to record data of wild birds in the jungles of Costa Rica. When you're in a jungle--as you remember from any Tarzan movie--danger lurks around every vine. Using crushproof and waterproof PDA hard cases let this team of scientists do their work without fear of losing their data.

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