Pelican Gun Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pelican gun cases are renowned for their durability and dependability. They come in a wide variety of sizes--including one that will hold twenty-four Glock handguns and an equal number of extra magazine clips. These are designed for law enforcement agencies, and we sincerely hope no private citizen thinks he needs 24 Glocks for home defense! If Glocks don't do it for you, never fear: there's also a case designed to hold 24 Berettas.

There's an M-4 rifle case that will also hold six magazine clips, an M203 grenade launcher cut-out and accessories. Or you might want the machine gun case. This comes with a cushion made of closed cell polyethylene foam pre-cut to fit for one M-249 SAW machine gun plus one spare barrel and two magazines.

Pelican Gun Cases Meet or Exceed All Military Specs

All Pelican gun cases come with their 100% lifetime guarantee: "You break it, we replace it ... forever." Pelican gun cases are 100% watertight to a depth of thirty feet, crushproof, corrosion proof, airtight and dust proof. They meet and exceed Military Standard 4159-J for stacking, drop test, humidity and Immersion.

Security, of course, is a primary consideration for any gun case. Pelican gun cases are equipped with dual locking flanges, which allow you to secure your case with a padlock. Secure your valuable ordnance with a practically indestructible Pelican case, and rest secure.

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