Plasma Screen Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Plasma screens are one of the most difficult items to ship safely, so plasma screen cases are highly specialized products. Since plasma screens combine a large area with shallow depth, they are subject to particularly rough handling. And since plasma screens are delicate, they can ill afford it.

Hardigg Plasma Screen Cases

Hardigg manufactures thirty different styles of plasma screen cases, each designed to hold a specific brand and size. The padding in these cases is custom designed to provide an exact fit for your screen. The body of the case is rotationally molded from medium density polyethylene, and withstands a temperature range of -40 to +140 degrees Farenheit.

Anvil also has specs on hand to make a custom case for your screen, but they offer a very clever design. The base is rectangular, but the side walls are slanted at about 30 degrees, creating what they call the "Wedge." The point of this design is to create a "this side up" configuration: it's very difficult to put the case on its side, and impossible to put it upside down. The sidewalls are 3/8" or ½" plywood laminated with fiberglass or aluminum.

Plasma screen cases don't come cheaply. All Hardigg cases are $878, and prices for Anvil cases are comparable. But considering the investment you've made in that plasma screen in the first place, they are well worth the cost.

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