Pocket Pc Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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Pocket PC cases are worthless if they don't accommodate your specific pocket PC. There are hundreds of handheld computers on the market today--and a lot of heavy-duty protective cases, too--but if they don't fit together, keep shopping. Keep your handheld somewhere safe until you've searched all the pocket PC cases and found just the right one.

Some Pocket PC Cases Are Just a Box

While Pelican makes a number of high-quality protective boxes and cases, their line of micro-cases leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing more than self-contained boxes, once you put your PDA in there, it's inaccessible. You won't be able to use the touch screen or any of the ports: yes, it can't get wet, crushed, or dusty, but it can't get used, either.

There are many more practical pocket PC cases on the market, particularly those that still let you work the PDA. With recessed plastic screens that let you operate your pocket PC the way you normally would, they come with secured stylus holders and hand straps so you can even use them with gloves on. You'll never have to pry open the case just to get a phone number.

Plus, many PDA cases have portals so you can connect your gadget to printers, GPS receivers, or other peripherals without jeopardizing your unit to the elements. For those who use their handhelds in the field, keeping them dry is sometimes a priority--and is easier said than done. The best way to protect your pocket PC is with a case that's designed specifically for it. Case closed.

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