Projector Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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More and more, people are taking their own equipment with them when they do presentations, including their own projectors. That means more and more people are in need of projector cases to protect their expensive property from damage in transit. There are several types of projector cases available to suit your needs.

Carry-on Projector Cases

If you are using your own personal transportation, all you may need is a soft-sided case for your projector, in addition to your usual laptop case. If you're using commercial transportation, however, you'd be much better off with a case that provides space for your projector and your laptop in one easily managed piece. These cases are often equipped with wheels and handles, and can sometimes have enough room to be used as an overnight bag as well.

These cases may be hard shell or soft sided; be sure there is adequate padding inside and rigid dividers to keep your laptop from abutting the projector. Pockets and compartments for cables and other accessories are also useful. Many of these wheeled cases use a strap suspension system to protect your components from shock and vibration. They are sized to fit in overhead compartments or under your seat, and are ATA approved.

Those who are shipping their equipment on ahead will need much sturdier projector cases. Ease of maneuverability is not so much of an issue in this circumstance, so your best bet is to go for a standard or dedicated shipping carton. Laminated sides, recessed hardware and sturdy locks are important elements to look for. Most of these cases come with pick n' pluck foam, so you can customize the padding to fit your equipment exactly and cradle it firmly.

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