Rack Mount Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Rack mount cases are the true workhorses of the case industry. Do you find yourself frantically running from one component to the other? Have you worn out your third wheelie chair? Are you adrift in a sea of cables and confusion? Rack it!

Whether it's audio equipment, computer components, servers or some other application, rack mount cases will make your life easier. You can buy them in two to twelve-unit configurations, or put together a system of your own. Recently, someone has even developed a way to rack mount the guts of iMacs to create an economical server station.

Order Rack Mount Cases on the Internet

There is quite an amazing array of rack mount cases, so take your time and shop around. Take a good hard look at the equipment you want to rack and ask yourself some questions. Are you a touring musician whose equipment must survive being on the road ten months out of the year? You'll need a much sturdier case than one who uses the same equipment in a studio.

You'll also need one that travels well without giving you a hernia, and that means a wheeled system. Are the wheels mounted singly or roller-blade style? How sturdy is the handle, and how soft is the grip? Is the hardware recessed and the locking mechanism secure? How watertight is the system? A little time spent planning will pay off handsomely when you find yourself in the middle of Kansas in a thunderstorm.

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