Rack Mount Computer Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Rack mount computer cases can put an end to the chaos in your office. Well, they'll organize your components, anyway. Making sure that everything else is in proper working order is up to you.

Rack mount computer cases can save you from the aggravation of tangled cables, inconvenient placement of components and tight spaces cluttered with the tools of your trade. Whether you need two units or twelve, there are rack mount computer cases that will suit your needs. And if you can't find exactly what you want, custom cases are also available.

Factors to Consider When Buying Rack Mount Computer Cases

Cost, of course, is always a primary factor, but beware of false economy. If you simply want to organize your components in your workplace, a lighter, less expensive system might serve your needs perfectly. If you're going to be hauling your equipment to trade shows, however, you'll need a sturdier design, and one that is easily maneuverable and convenient to set up.

Protection, of course, is the first order for systems that travel. If your components are always on the go, buy the most rugged cases you can find. The extra expense will be well worth it if it keeps your delicate equipment in good working order. Next check for convenience and ease of handling. Are the wheels large enough to roll smoothly when fully loaded? Are they mounted singly or roller-blade style? How sturdy is the handle? You don't want to find yourself at O'Hare trying to jam a bent handle down into its socket. A little attention to detail when you purchase your rack mount case will pay off handsomely in satisfied, unstressed personnel.

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