Rugged Cell Phone Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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Rugged cell phone cases will outlive your cell phone--by decades. The average lifespan of a cellular phone is only two to three years; pretty lame in the grander scale of things, but each time you get a new one it will have a new technology or two in it. Rugged cell phone cases were designed for the period between those two and three years, when you aren't quite ready to give up your phone.

Imagine a trip to the lake or the amusement park, or maybe just to the gym. You want to keep your cell handy, but not in harm's way. If you're playing basketball and you put your wallet and phone out of bounds, you know the first air-balled three-pointer is going to land right on your stuff. There goes your phone, and all the numbers inside it.

Rugged Cell Phone Cases Keep Your Digits Handy

We've all heard stories about misplaced cell phones that end up in toilets, rivers, or in the bottom of garbage cans. It's not a case of people getting used to new technologies; it's the human klutz gene, and we'll see more examples of it until our dying day. We can't not drop the phone, but we can protect it.

There are rugged cell phone cases that are not only crushproof, but waterproof as well--and they float! No more disasters at the next river float: you can put your phone, car keys, and wallet in a protective case and not worry about them sinking to the bottom of the sea. And when the time comes to upgrade your phone, you can always use the same case.

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