Rugged Pc Tablets

Written by Robert Mac
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Rugged PC tablets, like the Hewlett Packard tr3000, are the newest generation of mobile computers. They have all the power and functions of a desktop or notebook computer, but even more features, like handwriting and speech-recognition. They're rugged, too: they are almost two inches thick and exceed the military standard for ruggedness.

In general, tablets are designed to be more useful than notebook computers and more functional than handheld computers, like Palm Pilots or Pocket PCs. They are designed primarily for field use: rugged PC tablets are ideal for collecting data, taking notes, or communicating "outside the box." Since anything can happen in the real world--latte spills or getting knocked off a palate in a warehouse--they need to be more durable than an office-based machine.

Rugged PC Tablets Take a Licking

You know computer makers are serious when they use the word ruggedized, which they do often in this quickly growing market. The HP model is constructed with die-cast magnesium for strength, protection, and lightness. As you'd expect, rugged PC tablets are water, dust, and vibration resistant, and can handle a number of drops onto plywood over concrete--that's one of the testing methods.

It's no surprise, really: they are almost twice as thick as non-rugged tablets . . . and nearly twice the price, too. A cheap option that gives the tablet user alternatives is getting a standard tablet and a crushproof, waterproof, and dustproof protective case. You'll save money in the long run and have the ability to pop off the armor when you don't need it and put it on when you do.

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