Rugged Pda Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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Rugged PDA cases are a solution for the many people who use PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) in the field and worry about damaging them. While most electronics have gone down in price over the years--look at cell phones and desktop computers--PDAs are still fairly expensive. As they keep adding features, from satellite receivers to video playback capabilities, the prices haven't fallen yet.

Their increased functionality makes them more popular than ever, though. As more people use PDAs for field research, distribution center inventory, law enforcement, surveying, and the like, the more spills they take. Specially designed rugged PDA cases temporarily solve that problem. They are PDAs fitted inside an extra thick protective covering, providing waterproof and shockproof abilities.

Some Question Rugged PDA Cases

Instead of getting rugged PDA cases--which are permanently trapped in their suits of armor--why not get a regular PDAs and a separate case? The all-in-one route is good if you never want to slim down your handheld for safer environments, but what if you do? What if you prefer options?

A more important question is one of price: why pay three times as much for a complete unit when you can get a PDA and case for much less? And consider this: when it comes time to upgrade your regular PDA, just get it and house it in the old case. To replace an all-in-one rugged PDA, you have to shell out a bunch of money to get an expensive, new specialized unit.

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