Skb Rack Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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SKB rack cases come in four styles and nineteen sizes to meet your every need, whether on the road, in the studio, in the lab or in the office. Whether you're stacking audio equipment or computer servers, the tough SKB rack cases will protect your considerable investment. The standard 19" racks are constructed of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, weighing less than half as much as plywood racks. Covers are sealed with a neoprene gasket to protect your equipment from dust and moisture.

If you want the superior durability of the standard SKB rack cases on a budget, you should consider their Roto Racks. These racks are rotationally molded; that is, plastic resin is placed in a mold which then rotates on both horizontal and vertical axes while being heated. Tough and lightweight, these racks have front rails, removable front lids and rear access doors. They come in four, eight, ten and twelve-unit models.

Add 2.5" wheels and an industrial strength pull handle, and you can turn your Roto Rack into a Roll-X Rack for ease in maneuverability. These come in three, four, five or six-unit models. (You really don't want to try pulling twelve units through O-Hare, now do you?)

Shallow SKB Rack Cases

An intriguing innovation is the shallow, 10-½" depth on two, three or four-space racks. That depth allows plenty of room for many components, such as signal processors, power conditioners, line mixers and CD players. The compact size allows them to stack easily on all amps.

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