Storm Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Storm cases are a new product line from the well established manufacturers, Hardigg. Among the innovations, a new HPX high performance resin for superior impact resistance stands out. Early reviews compare Storm cases favorably with Hardigg's competitors.

Storm Cases Tout Superior Latches

One of the elements mentioned most favorably in reviews is the latch mechanism found on Storm cases. Unlike the narrow, "knuckle-buster" latches on other cases, some of which need special tools to open, Hardigg's latches are easy to use, yet twice as strong. They are also more resistant to popping open when the case is dropped.

Hardigg's patented Vortex valve also came in for favorable comment. Most pressure valves must be adjusted manually, but the Vortex valve automatically adjusts to changes in atmosphere. Furthermore, while other valves screw in and may become lost, the Vortex valve is permanently attached.

In lieu of the standard plastic frame, Storm cases have extruded aluminum rails with molded corner pieces. Additionally, the panels are riveted rather than attached with screws. The double layer of cubed foam interior offers more opportunity for customizing than the single layer in most other cases. Wheels and handles seemed strong and comfortable. And finally, the Storm case comes in five standard colors: black, gray, olive drab, yellow and orange. Those last two should be easy to spot on the luggage carousel!

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