Tower Computer Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Everyone knows you can tote around a laptop with ease, but these days even towers are small enough to take with you. Tower computer cases are a small but growing niche in the packaging market. There are basically two kinds of tower computer cases: those designed to be shipped and those designed to be personally transported.

Tower Computer Cases on Wheels

If you want to take your tower computer with you to, say, a trade show, a wheeled case with an expanding handle is your best bet. One such case is designed for a mini-tower. It's not much bigger than a carry-on, nor is it a lot heavier. The tower loads in first, then keyboard and accessories pack into a tray that sits on top.

The wheel system on this case is interesting. Most wheeled cases either have single wheels at the corners or in-line wheels, similar to roller blades. This case, however, has four wheels arrayed laterally along one edge, giving it an exceptionally smooth and stable wheelbase.

The tray on top system isn't recommended for tower computer cases meant to be shipped. These shipping cases usually have two vertical compartments, separated by dense foam dividers. The tower goes in one compartment and the keyboard, cables and accessories in the other. This holds them more securely, to compensate for the rougher handling of commercial transportation.

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