Trade Show Display Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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While trade show display cases still include that old workhorse, the wooden crate on wheels, new designs are constantly being developed that make exhibiting easier. Blown, injection molded and rotationally molded plastics allow manufacturers to create cases that are customized to your needs, strong, lightweight and attractive. Another trend worth noting is that of cleverly designed transport cases that can be converted into part of your display.

Trade Show Display Cases Convert to Display Elements

One of the more intriguing designs I've seen is a rigid oval shipping case that comes with a wrap and a top insert to convert the case into a podium. The wrap can be customized with your graphics, and an optional oval top converts the work space from 27 to 38 inches. A simpler but equally useful kit includes fabric wraps and a solid top to convert two rigid shipping cases into a pedestal display.

Another excellent design for trade show display cases is a cylindrical case on wheels. While rolling cylinders are nothing new, this one's surface is contoured in a way that adds strength while reducing bulk. It also contains a balance compensation bar, which keeps the case more upright while pulling. This goes a long way toward relieving stress on the arm.

While a lot of thought and effort goes into creating your display, trade show display cases are often an afterthought. Don't fall prey to false economy when preparing your display for transit. A lightweight canvas bag, or even cardboard cartons and tubes, may be all you need if your display is small and light and will be hand carried to its destination. If your display components are going to withstand the rigors of commercial shipping, however, it's well worth it to invest in durable protective cases.

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