Transit Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Transit cases are an absolute necessity when you have delicate equipment that must be moved frequently. Typically stronger and more deeply padded than standard shipping or storage cases, transit cases are often made of a fiberglass reinforced composite for superior strength and durability. This material has tested out at a .tensile and compressive strength of more than 33,000 PSI and flex strength exceeding 46,000 PSI.

Applications for Transit Cases

Transit cases are used for a wide variety of applications. Touring musicians with delicate audio equipment use them. The military uses them for deployable computer workstations as well as flight simulators, sonar equipment, field communications, etc. They are invaluable for scientific field work as well as for mobile health care professionals.

Transit cases are more expensive than general use cases, but their heightened durability makes them well worth the extra cost. They can also be customized for specific applications and environments. For military and scientific use, for instance, they must be dust proof, waterproof, airtight and resistant to corrosion. They may also be treated for resistance to radiation and magnetic fields.

Paramedics and rescue personnel may put a high premium on the guts of the case. Since they need to be able to put their hands on a specific item quickly and without thinking about it, they might want a case with a lot of cubbies and dividers to keep their supplies organized. And as for those traveling musicians, well, they have to protect their equipment from roadies, rabid fans, and the occasional toss off the stage.

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