Travel Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Travel cases can range from leather passport covers to wheeled carry-ons. And design runs the gamut from sturdy and practical to highly frivolous. Let's talk about the frivolous, shall we?

Retro Travel Cases

I fell hard for the charming retro-style travel cases produced by Joy & Jake. Their sleek rounded shape suggests something carried onto a prop plane by Grace Kelly on her way to a ski weekend. They come in three sizes: the mini is really more of an evening bag than a travel case, but it's adorable. The small is the size of a largish purse, and the large is just right for a carry-on or overnight bag. They come in luscious colors, too, with the powder blue, lilac and pink most perfectly retro. All sizes also come in red, black and mint green, and you can get the mini in gold.

Jewelry and cosmetic cases come in a dazzling array of colors and patterns. Soft roll-up jewelry cases are most common, but I was taken with a round embossed lizard case by Nordstrom. It comes in black and red, with a faux suede lining, and has slots for rings and pierced earrings, as well as a mirror and pocket in the lid.

There are little elegancies for the male traveler, too. Leather or nylon toiletry cases offer a wide variety of options to organize his travel necessities. Passport and other document cases, tie cases, PDA cases and messenger bags also help make travel more pleasant. There's something about these small travel cases that helps you forget the lines, the waiting, the cancelled flights and being herded aboard like cattle, and brings back the era when travel was a luxury and a delight.

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