Travel Humidors

Written by Robert Mac
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Travel humidors allow you to bring your Macanudos and Montecristos wherever you go without worrying about them losing their freshness. While some of your best smokes may have their own protective case, travel humidors let you take a whole pack with you--or more. You're sure to make friends when you pull out a fresh stogie from your luggage, so pack a few extras.

Travel Humidors Put Your Priorities in Order

You can tell by how people pack what is most important to them. There are jewelry cases that keep your necklaces from tangling for people who make that a priority. Music lovers have their tunes and headphones at hand for easy access. Cigar smokers have their cigars properly packed, because if it isn't fresh it isn't worth smoking.

Crushproof and waterproof travel humidors kill a couple of birds with one stone. First, you won't have to worry about eager baggage handlers tossing too many bags on top of yours, flattening your cigars. They'll make the trip in one piece; trying to smoke a broken cigar is just sad to see and embarrassing for the smoker trying to salvage what could have been.

Not only is a good travel humidor waterproof--in case you make it to a deserted island--but it should keep your cigars fresh. Make sure it has a humidification device (check the lid) and if so, add a few drops of distilled water. Your cigars will come out in prime shape once you arrive--moist, fresh, and in one piece--showing that you are more than a cigar fan, but an aficionado.

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