Waterproof Boxes

Written by Robert Mac
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Waterproof boxes aren't just for scuba divers anymore. For anyone with valuable equipment, documents, or memorabilia, a protective case is a must. Since just about everyone has electronics today--iPods, cell phones, or PDAs--waterproof boxes are a transportation and storage option that many people should consider.

Waterproof Boxes Are Great in the Field

I wouldn't call myself an avid outdoorsperson; I think annual might be a better description. I do, though, go on hikes and overnight trips throughout the year, and almost always near water--either in the ground or coming down from overhead. We have learned that keeping cell phones and binoculars in Ziploc baggies keeps them dry, but not safe.

Most quality waterproof boxes are also dustproof and crushproof. Crushproof is just a polite way of saying your clumsy friend can drop it as much as possible. When you pack things tightly in a heavy backpack, the last thing you want to hear is the crunching sound of a GPS receiver or camera. No bag can offer the kind of protection that a heavy-duty box made from the same material as football helmets can.

There are a number of different sizes of waterproof cases, ranging from so small that only a tiny cell phone, car keys, and a credit card could fit, to the much larger sizes for video equipment or office files. Not just for delicate gadgets or important papers, you can keep anything protected: baseball card collections, your first baby tooth, or any keepsake. If it's worth keeping, it's worth keeping protected.

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