Waterproof Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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Waterproof cases protect your valuables from the elements: not just water, but dust, air, and even klutzy people. While dry bags are lightweight and ideal for keeping camping gear dry, they don't do anything against falls or drops. Sure, dropping a tent or sleeping gear on a camping trip isn't going to cause any damage, but a camera can't take that punishment.

Uses for Waterproof Cases

Outdoors types use waterproof cases to protect all their precious gear from Mother Nature: pagers, wallets, satellite receivers, camera equipment, cell phones, and the most important accessory at the end of any outdoor trip--car keys. City folks like them, too. You can carry your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), laptop, PC tablet or wireless text messenger in one safe case.

The better waterproof cases are crushproof, too. This means they travel well--in backpacks, school bags, or through airport luggage carousels. Travelers and commuters alike use them to protect their equipment, data, or playlists from the dangerous creature known as public transportation.

High-end weatherproof cases even let you carry iPods, MP3 players, and a variety of PDAs and still access all their functions. Don't fall for the PDA case that locks up your handheld without letting you use it unless you open the case and expose your unit to the elements. Check for ones that let you still enter data through the screen or connect to peripherals without removing the protective case.

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