Watertight Box

Written by Robert Mac
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Watertight boxes do more than just keep things dry. What's so hard about that? A Ziploc baggy can keep things dry, too. But there are a number of watertight boxes on the market that are ideal for electronics, particularly of the handheld variety. A waterproof case will save your PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), cell phone, or pager from getting short-circuited by rain or a poorly placed latte.

Some Watertight Boxes Are Custom Fit to Your PDA

While some of the watertight boxes on the market are nothing more than that--a box that opens and closes--some brands have cases that are tailored to your own PDA. You can slip a coat of armor around your handheld, giving it the waterproof and crushproof capabilities of a box and fit of a handmade suit.

More importantly, some of the specific PDA boxes let you access all the jacks and outlets of your PDA without have to remove its protection. Think about it: if you have to keep opening the box just to get your gadget to work, you're wasting your time and not protecting your handheld, either. Check for boxes that let you still enter data and connect to printers, GPS receivers, or other peripherals without removing your PDA from the box.

Not only can your PDA wear its protective armor like a glove, but it'll stay safe from dust, rain, snow, and Mother Nature's cruelest joke--the klutz. With the right watertight and drop-proof case, you can bounce your PDA off the sink and into the tub and not worry about losing any functionality. At that point, though, it sounds like you have other things to worry about.

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