Watertight Cases

Written by Robert Mac
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Watertight cases aren't just for hikers and bikers, but anyone who has gear, documents, or prized possessions that need protection from the elements. It doesn't have to be water, either; the best watertight cases are also airtight, which means they will keep your cigars fresh and protect your cell phones from getting dusty. They float, too, so if you drop them off your raft, they won't sink.

With the rise of electronic gear--PDAs, laptops, and MP3 players are some of the more popular--there is also a rise in the need to protect that gear. Watertight cases that were originally developed so hunters could keep their guns and ammo dry in the field are now finding use with city folk and their delicate gadgets. They are also perfect for important documents.

Keep Contracts and Private Records in Watertight Cases

Because they are airtight, you can store all sorts of paper documents--photos, birth certificates, your first drawing--in a watertight case and not worry about them fading or becoming brittle. The only thing you shouldn't put in a waterproof case is something that doesn't fit. Keep in mind: they come in plenty of sizes.

Smaller cases are ideal for keeping important things handy but safe; your keys, wallet, and cell phone while you're at the gym, for instance. Larger ones can be used while traveling so you don't have to worry about objects getting lost or crushed. The largest ones can accommodate camera and video equipment; since good cases are crushproof, too, you won't have to stress about your gear breaking.

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