Watertight Containers

Written by Robert Mac
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Watertight containers are ideal for protecting all your important equipment, from handguns to desktop computers. Most of these cases are crushproof, dustproof, and airtight, too. Watertight containers can even keep your scuba gear--cameras, oxygen kits, and regulator bags--dry when you dive. They are perfect for fieldwork, storage, travel, or whenever you need to protect your gear from the elements.

Who Uses Watertight Containers?

Because they are so efficient, these cases are a favorite of police departments, firemen, rescue personnel, and others who need to trust that their equipment is protected . . . especially when lives are on the line. Traveling professionals also use watertight cases for laptops and other peripherals. Lovers of the great outdoors use them for guns, ammunition, cameras and film, radios, binoculars, and the like.

Some watertight containers are better suited to submersion than others. Some are only guaranteed to be submersible to 10 feet, while others claim 50 feet, and top-of-the-line models attest their containers can withstand 100 feet. Let's hope your gear never has to prove, or disprove, that claim. Knowing what their range is should be enough to allay your worries.

Some generic waterproof cases are designed for PDAs and other small electronics, but they don't allow you to access your equipment without opening the cases up. Other crushproof and waterproof protective cases are designed for specific PDAs, letting you keep them protected while you use them. These seem more practical in the long run: you get all the benefits of waterproof protection and can still use your handheld.

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