Wilson Cases

Written by Sarah Provost
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Wilson Cases offers standard and custom-designed storage and transportation cases. There is no charge for custom design, and all products carry a limited lifetime warranty. Wilson cases have a variety of applications, including government, media, athletic and trade show.

Wilson Cases Are Designed for Ease in Handling

One of the most popular innovations at Wilson Cases is the LT Series: Lighter, Tougher. The Wilson LT has sidewalls made of a strong, durable polypropylene tri-laminate plastic with the strength of ABS-clad plywood. I also has a unique non-directional cellular center layer. The fact that this layer is non-directional gives it astonishing strength at a very light weight.

For example, a standard monitor case made with ABS-clad plywood weighed 65 pounds. The same case made with Wilson LT weighed only 35 pounds. A test shipment of the standard case loaded with 70 pounds of equipment cost $137, while the LT with the same load made the same trip for $87. Imagine what the savings would be on a much larger case! Of course, cost is only part of the equation, but the LT cases have proven to be every bit as sturdy as their heavier wood-sidewall counterparts.

Wilson Tag-Along cases are also very popular. These cases are designed like rolling luggage, with a handle that recesses and locks and heavy-duty wheels, placed at the corners for added stability. Now you can move bulky industrial or trade-show materials as easily as you can roll your suitcase.

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