Audio Cd Bulk Replication

Written by Dallas Smith
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Audio CD bulk replication used to be impossibly expensive. That isn't the case anymore. High-quality audio CD bulk replication has reached the point where the prices are so reasonable that it's surprising everyone's not forming a band and going into the CD-selling business.

Maybe they are. The much-publicized dip in major-label CD sales in recent years may not just be due to Internet music swapping and home CD pirating. Maybe it isn't just that people don't want to hear Brittany Spears sing as much as they want to read about her one-day wedding. Perhaps people are taking advantage of audio CD bulk replication prices and selling CDs on their own, stealing major label business.

Quality Audio CD Bulk Replication Puts You in Control

I've seen it done. After putting a band together, writing music, rehearsing, and playing show upon well-received show, bands still often have nothing recorded. Fans of the band want to have something to take home other than a T-shirt. They like the songs, and they want to be able to hear them at home. Major labels come sniffing around, but rarely pull the trigger and sign up-and-coming talent.

Happily, new technology puts bands in the driver's seat. Recording studios are more affordable than ever in these post-computer days. Recording in hand, it's time for audio CD bulk replication. The best professional replication companies offer printing, pressing, and packaging for one price. Finding the best of these companies is easily done--it's why we have the Internet.

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