Audio Cd Packages

Written by Will Baum
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Audio CD packages, offering everything from mastering to artwork to pressing to packaging, are available these days for previously unimaginable low prices. One of the great outcomes of the digital revolution is that putting together high-quality audio CD packages is no longer just the purview of giant conglomerates. Professional companies that do work as good--if not better--than the massive manufacturers are out there, if you know where to look.

It is not preposterous to envision a time in the near future where putting together professional-quality audio CD packages will be something we will all be able to do from home or office. Today, it is still a job for professionals. Producing films for artwork, using offset printing for CD art, and printing quality covers isn't something you can do on your home machine, particularly if you want to make more than a few copies of your project.

Audio CD Packages Can Be Put Together Quickly

Companies experienced in handling audio CD packages can get your work done faster than you may expect. The slowest part of the process is getting the artwork to the point where everyone agrees it's ready. After that, the manufacturing doesn't take long at all.

Deciding what kind of packaging you want ahead of time is key if you want things done quickly. The standard CD packaging choice is the jewel case. But also consider CD sleeves, mailers, and plastic cases. Depending on what you're after, the Amaray Boxes used for DVDs might work for your CD project. The best companies are extremely flexible. The Internet is a great resource for finding out more about audio CD packages and the companies that put them together.

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